2nd place at German Games Developer Award!

We are proud to anounce that we won second place in the Newcomer Category of the German Games Developer Award this week! We are really excited and very very happy! You can click here to learn more about who won what: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis Or here to see some pictures of the event: Gamers Global

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3rd level finished – extended demo downloadable!

Finally we are very proud to present you a new level! Of course we also updated our trailer. I think that we have done a great work and that you will enjoy our last and hardest level in our extended demo version. There are still so many ideas for more levels and settings, but for […]

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3rd level progress

I fear we have neglected our blog a bit, but I assure you that’s only because we have been very busy working on the third level. This will be the next forest level, and I can tell you that this level will take you up high. It is quite a bit harder to play, as […]

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It is done!

We did it! Our first public Beta version can be downloaded with immediate effect from this very website, and waits for you to be played! We are very happy to share it with you. What can you expect? Two beautiful Levels with many unique sections, areas, enemies, speech output, stuff to collect and much more. […]


A note on Prototypes

The first prototypes for the game where created with paper, pencils, buttons and other stuff. We drew many sections with jumping sequences and puzzle elements to find out what could be fun to play and what is worth to be tested digitally in the next step of game development. Analog paper prototyping is an important […]

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What happend so far!

Of course the work for the game didn’t start with our first blog post, so let’s have a look what happend so far. The initial situation was that 5 master class students of the 3d animation major at the University of applied sciences, Salzburg, decided to create an awesome game for their master project. We […]

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Hey everyone!

We are very glad to present to you the blog for our game “The Balloon Quest”. We are currently finishing our first public Beta version of the game and are very happy to present our Master project online on this website. We have been working very intensly the last two years to make our ideas […]

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