It is done!

We did it! Our first public Beta version can be downloaded with immediate effect from this very website, and waits for you to be played!
We are very happy to share it with you. What can you expect? Two beautiful Levels with many unique sections, areas, enemies, speech output, stuff to collect and much more.
Download, play, have fun! And please feel free to give us feedback and get in touch with us at any time. We would be really happy to hear from you! Screenshot form the House Level

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  • David Andrade

     I really enjoyed the beta version. The art is very nice. You could do a making of video. =D it is a nice way to meet the team and how they work.

    • BalloonQuestTeam

      Hey, thanks for your nice comment! We are very happy that you enjoyed the game! Sorry it took us so long to respond, as you can read in our latest blog post we are currently very busy working on the third level.
      I think a making of video is a cool idea, if we ever have time left it would be cool if we could make one. Otherwise there will definitely be more blog posts about the making of the game, our workflow and so on.