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6 June, 2012

PC / Mac


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"The Balloon Quest" is an ambitious 2,5d indie game platformer (PC&Mac) which will win you over with a lot of love for detail and fresh gameplay mechanics. The game revolves around the development of two little kids: a boy and his sister with her balloon. They live through adventures together and have to learn how to cooperate as they are diving further and further into their own, lovingly designed fantasy world. The game addresses not only practiced players but the whole family, and is also suitable for a younger target group. The gameplay requires both skills as well as riddle solving abilities and combinatory thinking, and shows that computer games also provide a ton of fun without any violence and bloodshed.


"The Balloon Quest" is a game for PC and Mac developed in Unity3D. Work on the game started in late 2010, when a group of students at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, got together to develop a concept for a game project. From the beginning on, one of our main focuses for The Balloon Quest was to create a game that would not only provide a fun and innovative gameplay, but also feature a likeable, imaginative story and setting that would correspond and enhance the gameplay experience, and vice versa.


  • The game features a multitude of both active and passive combinable abilities for both characters, including running, jumping, floating, fighting & throwing.
  • The combination of both characters and their unique features is a key gameplay element not seen in this form before.
  • The gameplay requires both skills as well as riddle solving abilities and combinatory thinking, and allows the player to learn and master all features on the fly.Collectables, Skins and Highscores provide additional motivation, the possibility for customization and reasons to replay levels more often.
  • Collectables, Skins and Highscores provide additional motivation, the possibility for customization and reasons to replay levels more often.
  • Animated ingame Cutscenes and full voice overs guide through an imaginative story set in a fantastic world. The game adresses the whole family, also especially a younger target group.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "we are currently submitting our game to festivals and will keep you up to date"

    Selected Articles

      • "...possibly one of the most charming games ever, capable of making even the coldest person to feel sympathetic for the duo of main characters."
        - Free PC Gamers, www.freepcgamers.com
      • "Les auteurs ont apparemment mis l'accent sur la qualité des graphismes et un gameplay particulièrement bien réussi et maîtrisé. En effet le jeu nous gratifiera, dans son gameplay, de fonctionnalités particulièrement innovantes."
        - Jeux Video Gratuits, www.jeux-video-gratuits.org
      • "...sono sicuro che chiunque ami i nuovi cartoni animati in 3D realizzati da Disney e Pixar non potranno non rimanere affascinati dall'ottima grafica realizzata per questo gioco cosi come dal suo gameplay che pur ricalcando le consuete meccaniche dei platform é in grado di offrire anche elementi innovativi in termini di gameplay."
        - idealsoftblog, www.idealsoftblog.it

      About Get Grumpy Games

      We are a group of students currently working on our game "The Balloon Quest". We believe that games are neither exclusively play and diversion, nor a mere story telling medium, but that they hold the power to combine both in a unique way, creating compelling, meaningful and entertaining experiences for all age groups. This is what we tried to achieve with "The Balloon Quest".

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      The Balloon Quest Credits

      Sophie Mueller

      Regina Reisinger
      Director of Game, 3D Artist, Concept Artist, Gamedesign

      Martin Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber
      3D Artist, Head of Art, Concept Artist, Gamedesign

      Anja Prax
      3D Artist, Animation, Gamedesign

      Peter Pokorny
      3D Artist, Gamedesign

      David Philipp
      Head of Sound Effects, Voice Talen

      Sebastian Kargl

      Sebastian Geschke

      Andrea Distler

      Christian Mayr

      Peter Bergner

      Robert Sommeregger
      Programmer Coach

      Tobias Furtschegger
      Interface Design, Webprogramming

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